Ministry of Telecommunications Authority to strengthen the site record management

July 17th news, according to sources, along with the 60 National Day approaching, the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority recently strengthened the management of the site for the record.


sources, in April this year, the Telecommunications Authority will be the domain registrar around the country to convene the meeting in Beijing, then established the corresponding QQ group, asked the Registrar to join, group are stakeholders of Telecommunication Management Bureau is responsible for the site record.

for the user, if there is a domain name to record the domain name, there is no direct filing for the IP; access to the record IP." The source said. In order to cope with a large number of websites on the original record Telecommunications Administration website for the website backstage interface pressure, Telecommunication Management Bureau open filing Center website, request the Registrar own development platform and docking, provide technical support for the website backstage filing work.

for the record does not implement the work of the Registrar, the Telecommunications Authority is given a severe criticism, and even stop its service. According to sources, a Zhengzhou registered business – Zhengzhou Jingan is due to lack of IP address allocation information for the record, which many did not record sites located in CNNIC, today was ordered to the Telecommunications Authority "must be in the two days of the IP address for the record is"

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