Dialogue Feng Xin Storm older young artists to seek change the center of the storm dreams division

Feng Xin is from sales, experienced three strains and Jinshan off brilliant, also when Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun’s FBI officials, Feng Xin’s brand, is a strong color contrast, and close to the natural color of young artists, sales reality honed with personality, he would like to show that a the ability to storm "dreamer" role, this seems to be an urgent and difficult to witness the proposition.

titanium media note: in Christopher · Nolan’s film "Inception", designed a "dream division" of the occupation, they can make the dream true to life, to dream thief stealing other people’s ideas, the ability of the dreamer is stronger, be made out of the dream stable, not easily collapse. Titanium media author @ Lanna evening with the storm in CEO Feng Xin’s dialogue, aware that he passed out the intention, is wants to show that he is a capable storm dream leader.

it seems to be an urgent and difficult proposition.

storm desperate to survive

Feng Xin is from sales, experienced three strains and Jinshan off brilliant, also when Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun’s FBI officials, Cai Wensheng finally took the angel investment, to do a named hot video player software, and the acquisition of the entire industry predecessors storm, become its master.

sales personality embodied in Feng Xin’s body is very clear, eloquent and witty, responsive, one will know what the person is most in need of the opposite.

, for example, storm current market focus, nature is it just launched a wearable device storm mirror, but as far as I am concerned, may be more concerned about storm this brand and the company’s situation, so a half circle around the corner, Feng Xin finally could not help but ask me not "how to really care to find a way out in the storm, to get a positive reply, he told a little story of affliction.


" words, is the only reason to storm through the online video industry copyright wars and hitherto, Feng Xin demonstrates his fingers when langtaosha after arena pattern: "BAT" three have a pawn, Iqiyi /PPS, Youku potatoes, video / Tencent, intermediate in two branch the music video and independent power – Sohu, was the only storm, the other with burn, not be dragged to death (six), is being sold to the layman (PPTV), and in the "321" storm left camp, the cost of inputs, only five other average 1/10.

this saving, so that the storm has become China’s music, in addition to music, the only one able to profit online video player.

The income structure of

"storm in ninety percent is advertising, I have not even game income, can guarantee the user growth," Feng Xin is like a TV Drama Workshop shopkeeper, his sleeve when calculating >

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