Mergers and acquisitions of social networking sites into the stable period of mergers and acquisitio


] San Francisco April 20th news, research institutions, Thomson Reuters report released this year, the Internet related mergers and acquisitions increased significantly, the transaction amount has reached $3 billion 700 million. From the acquisition of foreign Facebook photo sharing social networking site Instagram, Twitter acquisition of social networking data research company, to domestic Youku Tudou announced the merger, and the recent rumors that the Sohu intends to acquire PPS video. Constantly broke the news of the acquisition of social networking sites, seems to herald the social networking site into the acquisition boom.

according to the Ai Rui report shows that China’s social network market size has reached 4 billion 380 million, the size of the user growth tends to smooth. This means that, after the germination and outbreak period, the development of China’s social networking market is more mature, into the stage of steady development. In this period, China’s social networking sites should adopt what strategy to enhance their competitiveness, to seize the market?

Zhang Qi, director of

skyline network, said, the Internet is the fastest growing, the fastest growing industry. At present, China’s social networking sites are highly competitive, and each of them has introduced new products and new ideas. In order to adapt to this change, in addition to upgrading their products and services, through mergers and acquisitions to achieve powerful alliances, complementary advantages is the trend."

is reported that the skyline as China’s first set up a group of professional social networking sites, in 2009 when it was non English speaking countries, the largest professional social networking site Viadeo acquisition. According to Zhang Qi introduction, after mergers and acquisitions, relying on the horizon Viadeo strong financial and technical support, while the introduction of foreign advanced professional SNS product service concept, the rapid rise in China’s domestic market. Currently, the sky network has nearly 10 million registered users, is China’s largest professional social networking site.

recently, the sky network -Viadeo announced the acquisition of a new round of up to $32 million in financing, a record of non English speaking countries in the field of professional social networking site financing. At present, the sky network -Viadeo has a total financing amounted to $53 million. Allegedly, the funds will be used to invest in the Chinese market. Relying on a strong financial support, new product sky network on-line should also more satisfied.

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