The golden age of 2010

In 90s the

century, "Chinese is still far away from the information superhighway? North 1500 meters, with a slogan and affect the whole of the Chinese yinghaiwei jimmied Chinese Internet industry process. Subsequently, "turtle" Zhang Zhaoyang, Robin Li quickly grew to become the digital hero teenagers, the rise of the domestic "Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, wood louse" is also the trend of the Internet in the beginning. So far, the wave of China’s Internet swept across the country, all the people in the discussion of the internet. At this time, another group in secretly watching all this, and ready to bear, the Internet gives them great excitement and passion, they tried to release their youthful hormones on the internet. This group is personal webmaster.

personal webmaster grew into

personal webmaster, more early is based on personal interest in the dance on the internet. Although there is no income, but also within. At the end of last century, Chinese Internet boom, personal webmaster contributed, even Ma Huateng and Ding Lei come from personal webmaster, become today in the Internet Chinese summon wind and call for rain type character.

and the Internet now showing a thriving situation is not the same as that in the last century in the late 90s in China Internet startup, general China Internet companies including NetEase, Sohu have suffered revenue pressure. Even the portal was do not know exactly what to rely on to profit era, for the individual owners, more still immersed in the atmosphere as a pleasurable occupation. However, when the traffic up, the server bandwidth costs increase, as well as the business atmosphere of the Internet is becoming more and more intense, the mentality of the individual owners inevitably changed. Internet impetuous directly affect the atmosphere of the internet. Webmasters who strongly believe in freedom, sharing, justice and other spirit of the inevitable impact.

and the impact, but inadvertently contributed to the personal webmaster first blowout, in this era left a thick pen.

owners burst burst

we do not know how much gold in this historic opportunity to dig the king, as if there is no way to know the Sohu, sina will be very grateful to China Mobile.

in November 2000, issued a "mobile Monternet business plan, raised the banner of SP. This plan to save the NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other portals. At the same time, have sprung up across the country between SP companies all night, the first pot of gold of the personal webmaster, is to start digging here.

this time, personal webmaster, basically concentrated in music, download, fiction, pictures and other types of web site. This type of site, user traffic, fast. This time is also a direct naked individual owners of the user needs mining period, the emergence of hao123 Li Xingping and other personal webmaster and famous. At the same time, Beijing’s discuz>

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