The implementation of the anti monopoly law will cause great unrest in the T sector

13 years of grinding sword "anti monopoly law" from August 1st formally. Media attention is the significance of this enormous economic constitution will likely face the embarrassment of implementation. Many experts say, originally planned to be introduced in the implementation of the new law before more than 40 matching rules, so far no one has. The anti-monopoly law and the provisions of the principle, there is no rule of law is likely to be due to some of the differences in understanding of the law, resulting in a lot of controversy.

yesterday, I watch CCTV news 1+1 column, according to the column, said China may be the first case of the anti-monopoly law, the implementation of the spearhead Microsoft. Microsoft has repeatedly suffered from various countries, anti-monopoly law, the EU’s allegations are caused by the loss of hundreds of millions of Microsoft. Microsoft China said it would attach great importance to the implementation of China’s anti-monopoly law.

I have a dream, Microsoft has now stopped updating XP, so the next step will be to the popularity of Vista, the implementation of "anti monopoly law", will cause a lot of loss of Vista function, such as Microsoft Vista music is better, then, implementation of "anti monopoly law" will be made WMP cannot bind; IE cannot bind; outlook cannot bind, as well as a series of people familiar with software will disappear, what will happen to my


web browser, Tencent QQ, storm, thunder, QuickTime, Adobe series software, 360 guards, Rising antivirus software from Microsoft IE kernel will bring what kind of reform is to continue the development of multi version?? or to choose other users to abandon the /p> kernel? "

"anti-monopoly law," the implementation of the IT sector is bound to cause great unrest


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