NetEase launched a short address service similar to foreign 126 am bit ly



[IT] (the Sohu news / He Feng) June 5th news, NetEase today launched the "NetEase short URL shortening service address", similar to the foreign popular, which is the default URL shortening service Twitter.

, according to the official website, NetEase short address allows ordinary users to shorten a long web address into a short address similar to Relative to the long address, the short address can be more convenient in the social network, micro-blog, text messages, e-mail, to avoid beyond the character limit and fold.

and as Twitter default URL shortening services, according to sources, NetEase short address this product is not developed for NetEase and micro-blog, but does not rule out the NetEase will be used after the adoption of micro-blog.

in terms of specific features, the NetEase short address to support access information statistics to each a short address, statistics for each link of PV, UV, arbitrary time summary statistics and access to the regional distribution and visit background statistics; in addition, support user login URL to generate a short address for your custom, and add notes.

in the construction of ecology, NetEase short address open API for developers call.

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