After the Spring Festival or there will be nearly 50% buy site liquidation

F group, Gao Peng, QQ buy three brands together, buy industry consolidation, the industry forecast:

after the Spring Festival, there will be nearly 50% buy site winding

2012, buy the industry in the overall growth of nearly doubled the size of the back, experienced a series of ups and downs.

compared with 2011, group purchase sites are lost dazzling aura, vicious competition, market freeze, IP O crashed, the capital without food, cuts off station…… From the market of outsourcing Wowo group purchase, Wowo mall and manzuo settled Juhuasuan, and F group, QQ three group purchase, brand integration, integration of a series of industry action group purchase has been.

looking back over the past year, the total turnover of the mainstream group purchase website has reached 21 billion 390 million yuan, an increase of 93% in 2011. The 800 group co-founder, group purchase expert Hu Chen that, after nearly a year of business form adjustment and fine management, part of a group purchase website has announced at the end of 2012 to achieve the scale of profit is expected after the Spring Festival, but at the same time there will be close to 50% of the group purchase website will face Linqing disc.

The main

& Chorus

at the beginning of 2011, they get plenty of group purchase station risk investment after staking the expansion of the local city, however, the popularity of the concept of group purchase group purchase station will take time, many fail, tasted the bitter fruit of expansion brings overload. In 2012, the group purchase network began to close the station, seek international cooperation, take contraction strategy.

Statistical data of

group purchase navigation site 800, in 2012 compared with 2011, the top ten seating group purchase website has also undergone great changes. In 2012 the top 5 group purchase site turnover of more than 2 billion yuan, of which the U.S. group, the public comment is more than 3 billion yuan, and 5 are in 1 billion yuan.

In 2013,

just opened, F group, Q Q, a group of three formal merger, three platform jump to the new domain name, F group brand will cease to exist. At the same time, F Group founder Lin Ning will continue with the new company C E O high identity management after the merger. This pile up to buy the industry’s largest merger dust settled.

According to the new

Gaopeng insiders told reporters the south, three networks merged again according to the internal service life, commercial and tourism in different categories divided the line of business, in addition to the new mobile business line, and the three party account late in February 2013 will be opened. Nandu group purchase experts Hu Chen in an interview with reporters, F group, Q Q, a group of three sites in the previously appeared strategy mistakes, and the top five of the group purchase website opened the gap. "The integration is expected after the Tencent will import more resources such as the entrance, Q Q pop etc.. At present, WeChat ‘micro group purchase’ in the formation of a new operation by Gaopeng, channel platform. The future of the new friends have a chance to break the existing market structure."


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