Third party shopping platform facing difficulties in the implementation of change is imperative

with the development of electronic commerce, third party a shopping guide platform, bigger and bigger, starting from July this year, the third party shopping guide platform facing the hitherto unknown difficulties, in the face of double intervention Baidu and Taobao, if the third party shopping guide platform’s operation not for some changes, so definitely not trapped in them. One step closer to development, even the decline. The first to analyze why the third party shopping guide platform facing the dual intervention in the Baidu and Taobao, things from one contributor "A5 the user teshuai" article about.

some time ago, a A5 ID as "the user teshuai" member for "" of the key words in Baidu search results in a change to write three article, search for "" from Baidu, return to the third party network disappeared, shopping guide platform and Taobao passenger all disappear at last the net return of two level domain name and return to the search results, carried out a analysis of Taobao passenger survival Baidu abandoned Taobao passenger A thing has its cause. (final) (omitted here two, because there are also two links in this article.). And recently, Baidu search Taobao search results, the return of the two domain name is still in the network, but click into it to return to the code 404. I have published his views in "the user teshuai", but do not know what the reason, "the user teshuai" has always been released on this view in A5, because of this interest and concern of the opinions of his own me. Take a look at the current Baidu search Taobao search results screenshot:


can be seen from the chart, the net return of two level domain name ranked sixth on the surface looks and "the user teshuai" issued last article of the search results than did not seem too big change. However, when I click on the return of the two domain name, the error page, the return of the 404 error page. Pictured:


is the return of the network to delete the two domain name I immediately removed the /404.htm, found that it can still be accessed, indicating that this may be excluded, as shown in Figure:


careful friends may also find that the 404 error page URL is the end of the HTM is not "L", when I add "L", it is another phenomenon:


this is obviously to prevent Baidu search users enter the return net, I think this thing, is beyond the scope of SEO, such a large index of words, so the ranking in front, but the 404 error page from traffic in the home, which.

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