Kyushu announcement confirmed that the Jingdong jointly Yuzuo large online sale of drugs

There are no waves without wind., the market spread of Kyushu, raise a Babel of criticism of a mall Jingdong joint venture to build medical e-commerce platform one conclusion.

Kyushu today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Jointown Pharmaceutical Co., the company intends to Beijing Jingdong three hundred six hundred degrees Agel Ecommerce Ltd to increase the company a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing good pharmacist large pharmacy chain Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"), joint venture to carry out medical electronic commerce (B2C) business, after the capital increase, Jointown mall Jingdong accounted for 51%, accounted for 49%, the relevant agreement signed in July 6th.

although the company said the cooperation has little impact on the current performance of the hundred trade network company, but still optimistic about its future prospects.

company official said, the market share of domestic B2C business amounted to 5 billion yuan, which does not include health care products, medical equipment market, the Jingdong and the mall cooperation, is to help these companies set up advanced pharmaceutical logistics system and Jingdong B2C mall new e-commerce model, combination to build the largest pharmaceutical health care products e-commerce platform.

analysts pointed out that, in accordance with the new regulations of the State Food and drug administration, the new health care reform to accept electronic payment, or become the cause of the market layout related businesses.

as the largest private pharmaceutical commercial enterprises, as early as 2000, Kyushu has begun the layout of this business, founded the Kyushu medical network, and obtain the "Internet drug business qualification certificate". In 2009, the company passed the B2C certification of e-commerce, has become one of the few domestic pharmaceutical companies with two licenses. Kyushu in 2010 set up a good pharmacist network, as of 2010, the sales of pharmaceutical e-commerce transactions reached 1 billion yuan, ranking first in the same industry. Some institutional analysts believe that, compared to Kyushu 22 billion yuan sales, the share of e-commerce is very small, which has become one of the reasons for the market optimistic about its growth.


announcement shows that the two sides of the cooperation in the field of online business through the Internet to e-commerce to sell drugs, health products and other provisions of the business license of the company’s products, including but not limited to the subject of the company and the Beijing Jingdong, the Agel Ecommerce Ltd’s own website sold three hundred six hundred degrees, to supply other e-commerce sites and sold to customers by other electronic business platform. The two sides agreed by the Jingdong assigned CEO specifically responsible for the subject of the company’s online business operation management, the internal business unit subject of independent accounting firms, the shareholding ratio of shareholders in accordance with the risk and income of the business unit.

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