The weaver received 10 million seed round of financing VR technology gives the arcade game experien


was out of the market after a year, a large number of startups VR but at the end of 2016, Weaver world not only to ensure that the development of high-quality content and continuously come out, but also to create a net profit of 1 million 800 thousand yuan, and get a $10 million seed round of financing.

shoots NewSeed news, January 6, 2017, is committed to providing high-quality VR content and line platform vivo technology announced the completion of 10 million yuan at the end of the seed round of financing, venture capital investment led by the Qing Branch, enjoy excellent space, Hangzhou, Phoenix digital science and technology institutions and individuals with investment.

Beijing vivo World Entertainment Technology Co. Ltd., is the new board listed companies Dalian Bo Tao culture Polytron Technologies Inc incubator independent item company. Backed by Bo Tao technical research and development strength, which was founded only 1 years of science and technology have VEO interactive entertainment experience cooperative case, including Disney, Bandai, CAPCOM, Nintendo, TAITO, EA, sports and other top international game companies.

step on high quality VR content track

vivo core technology team was derived from the Yu Botao culture, founder of Xiao Di has developed the first 360° global flight; ball screen theater, in one fell swoop led Bo Tao culture landing three new board.



team has more than and 10 years of overseas development of game design and special effects film production experience, Japan’s first 3D movie theaters "hack·" future oriented they participate in the entire process of production; and dominate the handheld IP, such as Karp’s empty fighting masterpiece "Street Fighter 5" and the works of Suda Takenichi "killer game maniac the dead (Killer Is Dead)" behind, also have their shadow.

at the end of 2015, the VR industry has opened the door to the future of the entertainment world Xiao di. He then led the team into the second venture, set up a vivo technology.

in the number of start-up companies get together VR hardware manufacturing, high-end card world VEO original VR content and line platform. VR technology to entertainment creators to provide a better technical performance, so that they create a more exciting products in the entertainment field, such as games, paradise will have explosive market expectations." Now it seems that Xiao Di is on the track.

do a Chinese VR version of the "contra"


" is the world space Knight VEO independently developed VR series of shooting game IP game player, in order to enhance the sense of experience, the company also developed a double against the "space-time Knight platform", can be used for double online game.

this platform and the UE4 engine is closely integrated, through the network communication platform can accurately match the movement of the game, to achieve a perfect simulation of the players on the lift of the real somatosensory effect. Once launched, it is frequently invited

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