Odd ants network cloud providers to allow micro distribution is no longer lonely

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, micro business became the three occupation in the teeth of the storm, level distribution pattern is the achievements of the numerous successful derivative. With all walks of life have opened their own distribution system, the recruitment of micro providers to join, micro business has become a manufacturer, brand of the popular goods". So micro business really have been successful, we found from the 10000 questionnaires, the monthly income of more than 10000 yuan less than 3%, while the current distribution business is satisfied with less than 5%. What are the reasons for such a situation? The reporter got the following answers from the station.

dream is just a dream. At present, the most fire in the distribution area is the three level of distribution, developers have developed a variety of three level distribution system, with a fission sales model for the micro business planted the seeds of a dream. Through a variety of investment conference recruit distributors, showing the market prospects, the money multiplier model, so as to allow distributors passionate, mistakenly think that as long as there are good models will be able to succeed, as long as there are people who will be able to make money. Still have a dream, but the dream from reality in the consumer market, it is a dream of fantasy.

any single brand or product can not meet the diversified development of the circle of friends. In daily life, everyone needs are diverse rather than a single, circle of friends is more complex needs of the complex. The current micro agent or a certain brand of a certain brand distribution, a lot of pull the head, a large number of friends, trying to promote marketing through the circle of friends. But we ignore the two problems, one is our products must be everyone’s needs? Two is our circle of friends and other needs? We know that to increase the income of only two ways, one is to increase the sales volume, sales price increase is two. Then a single brand simply can not make the maximum value of our circle of friends.

micro business is generally emerge of itself and perish of itself. "Master door, rely on individual practice, we can through the derivative of a large number of interviews found that they were brought into this industry, very understanding of the commodity price, mode, but when it comes to how the marketing, how to deal, how to lower the development of distribution and so on, most of them are confused. There are also a number of goals for developing sub distributors that are clear and need to be experienced. Therefore, micro business basically into a state of emerge of itself and perish of itself.

The secret of success of

then derivative where? Recently, the reporter learned from the station through the station, through the cloud business alliance to build cloud odd ants network business exchange mall alliance, and entered the closed beta stage, for the recruitment of high-quality manufacturers, brands, using two-way support policies, maximize the protection of micro business, manufacturers and brands business interests.

merchants settled in strict screening. First of all, the goods must be public needs, repeated consumption of high; the second is to have a factory, or with the R brand, or there is a regional brand authorization proxy to join; third, odd ants network will not regularly checks for goods, found to have quality problems or counterfeit goods on Business >

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