2011 inventory four key words of Chinese marriage website

2011, hundreds of millions of domestic demand and promoting the matchmaker market, more and more websites emerge, while at the same time, TV in major TV rapid hot, add to carve up the domestic marriage market ranks, intensified market competition situation.

the past year marriage market can be summed up in one sentence, that is the whole nation to men left their marriage 3S lady busy. In the face of the hitherto unknown opportunities and challenges, to Jiayuan, Lily network, cherished network led by industry chiefs had adopted piecemeal, and strive to keep their market share. Recalling the 2011 several industry events, can be summed up with four keywords.

ad wars

advertising screen has become the main direction of the IT industry advertising this year, in addition to the field of electronic commerce, dating sites have joined the TV advertising campaign, and in terms of delivery channels, or from the form of advertising, both recount, one is high under the mean.

from the beginning of the year, several dating sites in the major TV ads in several files for deployment, domestic popular dating show space, dating sites advertising one by one, let the audience too busy to attend to all. More the website repeatedly tricks, cherished network, because of Jiangsu satellite TV "popular" column If You Are The One emotion expert Le Jia as its spokesperson, and Lily network will go the route close to the people, the warmth of its advertising scene so many single men and women are eager to have a happy marriage.

video implant

Jiangsu satellite TV with the fire of marriage reality show in China, following the "If You Are The One" after, Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, Shenzhen TV and other local TV are following, a TV dating time Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. Just as people put more and more attention focused on the television, and television dating dating sites to a perfect hand, with television implants, dating website resources to transport guests dating shows, dating shows reveal opportunities for marriage website brand in the program, the two sides have a perfect complementary advantages.

in fact, dating sites "electric shock" is not the first time, as early as the beginning of the Lunar New Year movie file, Lily network will open a precedent for the industry, with the famous director Feng Xiaogang’s film "2" made If You Are The One placement, and later starring Song Dandan in the hit series "Li Chuntian" in the spring ads, have achieved good results, this approach is also follow other sites after.

Liu Qing case

although the dating website in advertising highlights great wisdom and generous, optimistic about the overall trend of the industry, but also not everything.

In May 2011

, a member of the Liu Qing marriage site dating website sued the court, is the cause of his acquaintance on the website member Liu Moushi crook, Liu Qing believed that the dating website did not verify the membership, the existence of dereliction of duty. Except >

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