Novice in Taobao full time open shop mentality

if you have already resigned well prepared, to create a world of their own in the Taobao online has no experience in the case, then you have to have enough courage and cheeky to face the future of all kinds of embarrassing situation.

1 because you have left, there is no income, if you do not have a fixed partner or a reliable family background, then you have to bear the parents every day and all kinds of "people" in your case tracing as well as a test of living in poverty, every day in addition to the palm of the hand clutching a homely fare, a few dollars to swallow slobber, also their ears and bear various kinds of shelling: how was your shop? "" there is no money? "" no one to buy, no income, how to feed themselves? Just go back to work? "All kinds of voice urging get you not even have no confidence in the shop. Business plus, no success, no money, your persistence will slowly kill in such a noisy sound. Therefore, this is the time you will need to be strong, "go your own way, let others say", or hold, and so on, and then try the mentality, you can stick to their shops.

2 bear hardships and stand hard work. XXX said "self-reliance, have ample food and clothing". If you are on the Taobao shop shop sales promotion methods, procedures, methods are unsuspectingly words, then at least 12 hours every day surfing spirit is indispensable, even if you pitch-dark, also based on the spirit of hardship hard learning. Because the shop is the ability to make money every minute in marketing and sales.

3 is a good physical strength, want to do the absolute price advantage in the Taobao store, absolute quality of service, so you must learn to understand the quality of the clothes look and smell: Internet search, investigation, find the clothing teacher teach you, no matter what way, even if you still don’t learn clothing category, at least you can learn to know the grade level of clothes can touch. Learn to distinguish, to use your legs start to run, if you live in a city without what the wholesale market, then use your hands, use your head, use your mouth, all kinds of ways to check, to dig the original factory shipments to you, because the only way you can do two absolute.

Patience and confidence unmatched

4. Don’t think the shop is good, get beautiful, your baby will have to, every day at the computer, watching Wangwang, looked at the shop, no one bought the mood is the most suffering, if you think back, throwing myself all open shop, poor life, boring chores, you will feel more very desperate. This time, the best advice to relax, no money to go for a walk every day, do some exercise, because the transfer of attention and appropriate exercise helps to improve personal psychological quality.

people often see article in the shop network said the opening of new stores in January Kuangzhuan thousands of pieces of very jealous envy, but my experience is miserable, go to the wall. The so-called look through the phenomenon of nature, Taiwan ten years, successful people.

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