Grassroots investment was 1 billion yuan B round of financing of Guangzhou fund exchange Yin Feng in

news June 6th, officially announced the Guangzhou grassroots investment fund’s exchange Yin Ao Feng Equity Investment Fund Management Limited 1 billion yuan B round of financing.

grassroots investment was 1 billion yuan B round of financing of Guangzhou fund exchange Yin Feng investment


it is understood that the Guangzhou fund is the Guangzhou municipal government set up an industrial investment and financing platform, which owns a number of listed companies. Grassroots investment to get B round of financing, which means that the completion of the shift from private capital to the background of state-owned assets.

grassroots investment CEO Jin Zhongkao said that after the completion of the financing, grassroots investment to open up the industry + Internet plus financial services ecosystem, play the characteristics of Internet Financial can be customized, through financial means, the Internet platform, industry model, realize the combination, better for the industry, the downstream customer service.

also released its new investment in grassroots rural financial consumer brand "grassroots micro agricultural loans". Combined with the characteristics of agriculture, rural areas, grassroots investment from the original supply chain financial model to extract the local economic development needs, will create online information + + line risk control of rural financial model.

addition, grassroots group established the nuclear industry as the World Wide Web + Internet industry group, to promote the automotive consumer market, new housing rental business, intelligent hardware development, the new office of community, rural areas such as electricity providers.

data show that grassroots investment on March 3, 2014 formally launched in early 2015 to get along the capital A round of ten million U.S. dollars investment. (Ming Yu)

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