Wang Jianlin redefine Wanda electricity supplier now should be called electronic data company

last week, the electricity supplier to one of the main exhibitors who fly plate in Wanda business will be fully unveiled once a year.

concern Wanda electricity supplier, in 2015 last week, the official appearance of the chamber of Commerce (Wanda business conference) site. This also means that since August of last year and in the Tencent, Baidu jointly renamed "fifast supplier, after more than a year of preparation, finally determine the ideas for the operation of real business + Internet", officially surfaced, reached the electricity supplier home court.

What is


all the consumer experience are gathered in the flying platform, which will be a huge line of passenger flow into online traffic

has experienced several changes in the launch date, July 31st, flying where the electricity supplier website and APP client finally officially launched, and Wanda Group has always been to fight the whole process be quite different style, low-key on-line without being noticed.


months, as the first landing fifan electronic business platform of Tongzhou Wanda Plaza, released the first statistical data: APP on line three days cumulative downloads reached 87 thousand and 400, to achieve 48 thousand and 900 transactions; as of August 31st, fifast APP cumulative downloads reached 252 thousand, more than 1 million 500 thousand new members, more than 200 thousand people using the fly where APP provides for shops, parking, queuing, film services, Tongzhou Wanda Plaza, WIFI visited more than 900 thousand.

data support based on the electricity supplier to one of the main exhibitors who fly plate in the Wanda business once a year will be fully unveiled, which also shattered the previous on Wanda electricity supplier from before, and commercial real estate, tourism and other pillar industries parallel independent business downgrade sub element "rumors.

and Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in the business scene in a speech, also made a new definition of Wanda electricity supplier: we have established a company’s own electronic data, used to call the electricity supplier, now called electronic data company." According to him, the future will be combined with electronic data companies and O2O, in the course of the operation will be more smooth, but also more secure.

electricity supplier Wanda Group is one of the pillars of the status of the industry did not waver, and now has a more clear positioning and context." Relevant responsible person told the reporter that the electricity supplier Wanda Group, flying role is to be a platform for service providers, as a carrier, to provide the integration of online and offline and the corresponding solutions for the entity business operators, businesses and consumers three.

according to the official figures show Wanda, Wanda has more than 1 billion 500 million times a year of consumption. As of the end of 2014, Wanda in the country has opened 109 Wanda Plaza, the hotel 71. In 2014 alone, 40 new studios, also located in the Wuhan movie paradise, hanxiu entities such as consumer sites, and these places are constantly expanding in scale.

obviously, in accordance with the positioning of the aircraft, is to re integrate these resources, all of the consumer experience

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