Kun Peng on WeChat and Ali YunOS small program actually carries such ambitions

10 years ago in January 9th, is the first generation of Apple’s mobile phone release time.

10 years after January 9th, WeChat small program rujierzhi, no press release, no drift red, just after midnight, a small program suddenly occupied almost all Internet practitioners of the circle of friends.

small program experience group, share groups such as tide swept, less than two hours, a technology media a media technology small program experience groups were set to twentieth groups, in the Chinese Internet community, has never been such a product has such appeal, because it’s father called the Tencent, its mother called WeChat.

lecture on small program is said to have emerged, games are full.


a small program, do not forget the Ali YunOS

the media platform program could firmly occupied the headlines, it makes ma Dad how envy ah, like the original, in order to promote a circle have to engage in a number of energy-saving drying line, knowing that to be scolded a have to pour dog’s blood on.

in fact, in the climax of small programs, people seem to ignore another important news, that is:

January 5th, the fiftieth International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as CES) opened in Las Vegas. As the world’s most influential consumer electronics show, CES is also seen as a global consumer electronics vane. This CES attracts thousands of exhibitors from over 150 countries. Alibaba group’s all Internet operating system YunOS boarded CES for the first time, to Embrace IoT With YunOS as the theme, as an important technical force unveiled Alibaba group booth.


, Ali YunOS, said Kun Peng theory, it has a small program and WeChat’s interpretation of Zhang Xiaolong small different approaches but equally satisfactory results, although the program is this:

small program is a need to download and install the application can be used, it realizes the application of the "touch" of the dream, the user can open or sweep search application. Also reflects the "run away" concept, users do not care about whether to install too many applications. Applications will be available anywhere, anytime, but without the need to install uninstall.

but Kun Peng believes that the current chairman of the technical committee of Alibaba Wang Jian once the sentence is more classic: "APP is good, Web is great!"

in Wang Jian view, the future of the world is an online world, the user actually needs is the service, is the integration of cloud services.

systems and applications are stored and run in the cloud, the user is facing the interface is the result of the interface, not installed >

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