Microsoft pays woman 10000 over forced Windows 10 upgrade

first_imgMicrosoft’s pushy Windows 10 upgrade tactics have finally come back to haunt them. Well, a little, anyway. They’ve just paid a woman $10,000 over an unwanted upgrade.Travel agency owner Teri Goldstein swears up and down that she didn’t want the upgrade and never asked for it, either. “I had never heard of Windows 10,” she told the Seattle Times — not until she found it installed on her system and it started crashing on a regular basis. That’s not the sort of thing you need happening to a computer that you use to run your small business.Goldstein says that her computer was unusable “for days at a time,” and she says that she reached out to Microsoft Support for help. That didn’t solve her problem, so she decided it was time for Plan B. She filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, seeking damages to cover lost wages and the cost of a new computer — presumably a nice, stable system that’s running good ol’ Windows 7.Her $10,000 win, Microsoft is quick to point out, is not actually an admission of guilt. They’re saying that they decided to settle to avoid a lengthy legal process and note that they’re continuing to investigate the particulars of Goldstein’s unwanted upgrade.That said, there’s blood in the water now and it’s tough to imagine that other sharks don’t smell it. Goldstein certainly isn’t the only Windows user that’s convinced the upgrade just showed up like an unwelcome party guest drunk on tequila.It’ll be interesting to see if they have any Tesla-style data that backs up their claims that the Windows 10 upgrade is only delivered if requested… you know, even if that request involves some really, really bad (as in malware-like) UX decisions.last_img

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