Net exposure WeChat passport can be self denial the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province

recently, WeChat official public number WeChat group "claimed" by WeChat self ID Photo Upload ", the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department said 27 days, the public security organs did not appoint any units and individuals through mobile phone WeChat self collected identity card and residence card photo.

recently, WeChat official public number WeChat group "claims: provide 12 kinds of photo ID card, passport, permit, shoot, shoot can get the public security department official receipt of digital photo collection. Currently, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan users can experience this service. The news immediately spread widely on the Internet, and cause concern.

27, the Provincial Public Security Bureau responded, the public security organs did not entrust any units and individuals to collect identity cards and residence permit photos by phone WeChat self time. Provincial Public Security Bureau, said the identity card and residence permit photos have strict technical standards and quality requirements. "People without professional training, it is difficult to grasp the resident identity card and residence permit photographs of technical standards and quality requirements, it is difficult to capture the qualified identity card, residence permit by WeChat and other mobile phone photo self timer mode." Provincial Public Security Department to remind, in order to ensure the quality of the photo, the need to apply for identity cards and residence permits of the masses, please go to the social photo studio photo shoot by the studio for editing, uploading and testing.

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