Webmaster friends to support the Olympic Games remember the blind operation of the law

introduction: people finally realized the dream of a hundred years of Olympic Games, last night’s opening ceremony is to let the world with more understanding of the great motherland mother. To lift the National Olympic Games, grassroots webmaster friends in the use of the network for the motherland, the mother shouted at the same time, remember to blindly violate the law, and now the Olympic logo protection regulations and related articles are as follows:


these Regulations are formulated for the purpose of strengthening the protection of the Olympic symbols, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the rights holders of the Olympic symbols, and safeguarding the dignity of the Olympic movement.

second Olympic symbols as mentioned in these Regulations refer to:

(a) of the International Olympic Committee Olympic emblem, the Olympic flag, the Olympic motto, the Olympic emblem, the Olympic Anthem;

(two) Olympic, Olympia, the Olympic Games and its abbreviation and other proprietary names;

(three), Chinese Olympic Committee logo name badge,


(four) mark name, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee badge,


(five), the name of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games Organizing Committee of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games emblem, mascot, anthem, slogan, "Beijing 2008", the twenty-ninth Olympic Games and the abbreviation thereof;

(six) of the "Olympic Charter", "the contract of the host city of the Olympic Games" in the other provisions of the relevant provisions of the Olympic Games in the twenty-ninth session of the Olympic Games in the "Olympic Charter" in the "Olympic Charter" in the "Olympic Games" in the "Olympic Games".

Article third the term "

" refers to the International Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee of the twenty-ninth Olympic games.

The Organizing Committee of the division of the rights among the

, the International Olympic Committee China Olympic Committee and the twenty-ninth session of the Olympic Games, in accordance with the "Olympic Charter" and "the twenty-ninth Olympic Games host city contract" to determine the.

the right holder of the fourth Olympic logo shall enjoy the exclusive right to use the Olympic logo in accordance with these regulations.

without the permission of the holder of the Olympic logo, no person shall use the Olympic logo for commercial purposes (including potential business purposes, the same below).

Article fifth of the

, as referred to in this Ordinance, means the use of the Olympic logo in the following manner: for profit purposes:

(1) to use the Olympic logo for commodities, commodity packaging or containers and commodity trading instruments;

(two) used the Olympic logo in the service;

(three) uses the Olympic logo for advertising, commercial exhibitions, business performances and other commercial activities;

(four) sales, import and export of Olympic Symbols

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