The domain name registration company exclamation earn good money to hand

recently, basketball star Jeremy Lin, the domain name was registered, let "cybersquatting" this has already become a hot topic again in the It is quite common for. Surprisingly, just a lot of people also coveted "cybersquatting" this cake, when going to one registered army, before the Shijiazhuang is involved in a domain name cybersquatting case register of registered companies have lost interest. A spokesman for the company, Mr. Joe (a pseudonym) recently told reporters, "let the company registration" terribly fatigued in the future the company will gradually fade out, "cybersquatting" business.

has a single goal: "fifty thousand" hand "a little bit" cybersquatters exclamation "earn good money"

December 19, 2011, Mr. Joe’s company registered the domain name "" on the same day and sent a letter to Pingshan County, Mi Mi water area, hope the other party to not less than the price of 50 thousand yuan redemption".

but Mr Joe’s behavior by the other side resistance, Mi Mi water direction court registered. The latest news is that the time has not been hearing before this period, the two sides reached a private solutions, according to informed sources, Mi Mi water to registered parties a little money, and small amount to "fifty thousand yuan" as if "the gap between heaven and earth". Our company was established last year, a year has registered more than a dozen domain, the biggest income is eighty thousand or ninety thousand, the domain name is a Real Estate Company to buy. The rest of the buyers have the price, but the overall profit is not high sense." Mr. Joe said. Joe said "not high" is compared with the ideal amount. Reporters learned that the domain names registered in "50 thousand" is the lowest price target. In 2006, three of the south of the domain name is registered for 100 thousand, as Jeremy Lin has been registered "", the price of up to 260 thousand, a few years ago Yao Ming was registered by the domain name is called price to millions.

"no good goods", the lawsuit cost God, "registered company" very depressed

Mr. Joe said, now cybersquatting is not easy to do business. "If you want to sell a good price, the registered object must be those who already have well-known enterprises or individuals. But now some of the export business of foreign trade companies basically have a domain name, their self-protection awareness is growing, especially well-known enterprises." Mr. Joe said. He said that a few days ago he had spotted a Tianjin carpet production enterprises, the export enterprises do well, they become a hunting target, but when searching, they found all the registered trademark, domain name, "There is no way in".

let them also depressed, some were registered with extreme "". For example, they registered the "Mi Mi water" and issued a notice to the other party after the sale, even a message did not return directly to the court.

"they also asked a lawyer to fight a lawsuit, the money, it is better to give us, give us may not have to pay the cost of the lawyer."

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