Net interest will map the ekumen the birth of a great company


socialbeta this is a contributor to puting on the sea cabinet blogger, ekumen network founder @watsonxu interview.

puting: as the sea cabinet readers and ekumen network users, I would like to know some of your own SocialBeta, I believe that readers will be interested in this, can we introduce yourself


first I mainly engaged in the field of pharmaceutical information work, after a not particularly successful entrepreneurial experience, and later entered the grand innovation hospital industry engaged in research work, in March this year officially leave together out of full-time sex library network and colleague kevin.

puting: the sea cabinet is one of the Chinese blog I often watch, love this blog very much, I want to know how did you think of doing such a blog, the blog

in what state?

sea cabinet was founded in 2006, here (Link) recorded some of the sea cabinet development, when the sea cabinet is mainly personal interest, the early time is more concerned about some of the best Internet service at home and abroad, to share some experience and experience their own use of these sites, at present more attention to domestic Internet start-ups will also share some of their ideas and thoughts in a certain direction.

there are several interested friends together in writing, we hope to share some valuable information through the blog, to convey our thoughts and ideas for the Internet, mobile Internet, Internet also hope for some help practitioners.

puting: what do you think is the biggest benefit of blogging and why


blog brings a lot of value to me, all along is your blog as an accumulation of their interest in knowledge, of course, a long time more and more people of concern here, I also met a lot of friends, also let me from an Internet for interested people, really into in the field of internet.

Of course,

blog to give me the biggest gain so I learned to adhere to, I hope to have been able to share his thoughts on the Internet, mobile internet.

puting: I love to ask others what is initially out of a motive to start doing one thing, how do you want to ask a ekumen such a website


first, more out of our own needs, and I have a collection of Kevin browser favorites inside many websites, often can not find their own site, also often have such a scene: to love some of the station to share with others, we need a paste link again by mail or IM to share. So we would like to be

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