November fourth weeks of network security report the total number of tampering sites within the terr

IDC on the network ( reported on 09 December: Sharing Platform Based on CNCERT sampling and monitoring results of the national information security vulnerabilities (CNVD) released data that, in the fourth week of November (2014-11-24 to 2014-11-30) during the whole evaluation of China’s Internet network security index is good.

below, please comment on the network with IDC in November 24th to November 30th, China’s Internet security situation:


(Figure 1) fourth weeks in November, the basic situation of network security figure

as shown in the fourth week of November, China’s Internet network security index for the overall evaluation of good. The number of the scrutiny of the data, within the infected host reached 570 thousand, representing an increase of 17.1% over last week; the total number of sites has been tampered with reduced to 2836, a decline of 9.7%, of which there are 90 government websites;

then, please look at the domestic data backdoor website: the total of 706, compared with last week, down 5%, of which the government website has declined by 7.5%; in addition, according to the number of pages within the website of counterfeit climbed to 6663, an increase of 22% compared with last week.

addition, the number of new information security vulnerabilities consistent with last week, is still 138, and the number of high-risk vulnerabilities have risen by 9.3%, to reach 47.

a, network virus activity


(Figure 2) network virus activity diagram

according to figure 2, this week, the number of hosts infected with the virus in the network is about 570 thousand, compared with last week, an increase of about 84 thousand. Where is the number of Trojan or bot control host and last week increased by 40.6%, compared to about 311 thousand; and (Conficker) infected fly off worm host is reduced to about 259 thousand, a decrease of 2.5%.


(Figure 3) network virus activity diagram

by Figure 3 shows that in the fourth week of November, the number of new network virus name and the number of new network virus families are the same as last week, respectively, the number of 1.


(Figure 4) put horse site domain name registration within and outside the territory of the distribution of

observation Figure 4, you can see this week put the horse site domain name registration in the territory, the proportion of the largest overseas, accounting for 67.7%, the chain last week, up by 7.4%. Followed by the territory, which accounted for 32%. In addition, 0.3% of the domain name is unknown.

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