The rise of the balance of treasure on the line by fool the nternet financial products and fragme

balance treasure fund size has exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming China’s first breakthrough billion yuan of funds, demand treasure, Baidu financial gap between the Internet and also in a threatening manner, the financial sector began to loosen, the Internet financial products favored by the public, fight hand to hand with, it have any magic


low-key release, high-profile suction gold

for the "on-line balance treasure, Alibaba is not a whoop and a holler this popular product, and it derives from the stock market. In June 14th, a little-known chemical enterprises from Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Jun (601216) inexplicable limit, investors in-depth mining, Inner Mongolia Jun is the second largest shareholder of Celestica fund, while Celestica fund and Alipay, gold card stock (600446) jointly produced the "balance of treasure" in June 13th, then in the the weak market, the balance of treasure stocks market broke out, and once get out of hand. As of July 9th, Inner Mongolia Jun is within 17 trading days hit a daily limit of 8, gold shares also have a daily limit of 5, the balance of treasure so broke into the public eye.

"balance of treasure" although low-key, but is not afraid of deep alley, as of November 14th, the number of accounts has more than 29 million households, the size of funds balance treasure exceeded 100 billion yuan, to know Celestica fund losses for three consecutive years at the end of last year, the asset size of only 9 billion 950 million yuan, which also makes the increased profits treasure fund products quickly boarded the throne most users Monetary Fund since the history of the limelight without the two.

balance treasure how much money?

balance treasure business is Alipay’s use of the network platform of financial products trading and online transfer of funds, financial products, trading and other services query. The majority of consumers for the convenience of shopping, money will recharge to Alipay, in the online shopping or transfer and other operations, the Alipay account will left a part of idle funds, the balance of treasure is the value of these scraps of material capital, Celestica fund deposit funds collection of many Alipay users to buy "increase Liberty Fund products. As long as the user will Alipay money into balance treasure, you can enjoy the return on investment fund companies. At present, Celestica fund balances treasure is the only service partner, "increasedliberty" is "revenue balance treasure earnings.

has reported that ten thousand pieces of money in the bank for a year of interest probably thirty, but on balance treasure in a year of interest three hundred or four hundred. This comparison is better than any fancy advertisement. In fact, in the June hit "shortage of money", IMF income rises, increase liberty 7 annual yield reached more than 6%, "shortage of money" to ease in July, money fund yields will decline, but the current domestic monetary fund annual yield generally can reach 3%-4%, so the above income there is no exaggeration.

in addition, investors buy "increasedliberty" product of the year cost rate of 0.63%, of which 0.08>

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