Small partners Baidu official has released the Discuz plugin

noon meal, as usual, open Baidu Webmaster Platform, Baidu Webmaster Platform has been updated, the new data submission column, an Discuz plug-in project, quickly click go.



was in Lu Songsong’s blog: "Baidu insiders, Baidu recently launched a discuz plug-in, the main purpose is to provide a Webmaster Platform let the station included the use of plug-ins, can speed up the contents of the forum included in Baidu".

now Baidu is really updated this plugin. So quickly download the trial.

plug in two versions, X2.0 and X2.5 more than two. Baidu official description is: install Discuz structured data plug-in, can quickly and fully submit to Baidu Discuz forum pages and content. Baidu Spider to help you better understand your site, help included, for the quality of the data resources, can be applied to optimize the structure of the summary style website search results page in Baidu show.

according to my own forum, download the X2.5 version, and then placed in the /www/source/plugin directory, and then go into the background, installation, click all the way, very convenient.



After the

has been successfully installed and enabled, the results are as follows:


Baidu official for Discuz structured data plug-in features:

1, automatic push Sitemap, optimized content included

does not have permission to sitemap, do not know how to submit sitmap data Discuz structured data plug-ins to help you get. Forum posts page history URL data, automatically generated sitemap submitted to Baidu.

2, real-time push forum new content, accelerate included

a huge number of new posts every day? A variety of data updated frequently? Discuz structured data plug-ins to help you get. There is a new post release, immediately post the new posts and content to Baidu webmaster platform, post page changes, Baidu can also update the corresponding data in real time.

3, high-quality content, optimize the show, improve the user clicks

high quality content is not obvious, the application of structural optimization to optimize the display to enhance the results of the click through rate, traffic continues to climb is not a dream.

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