P2P field of the most severe penalty baked Silver Square financial leader Cai Jincong sentenced to l

each reporter Zhu Dandan

a court verdict, will have run away P2P platform Yinfang financial industry pull the eyes of the people again.

recently, the criminal judgment of Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of Zhejiang Province announced the "(2015) Zhejiang Hangzhou early penalty No. 200th" display, P2P platform silver financial platform for Cai Jincong commit financial fraud, sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property, which is currently P2P the heaviest penalty.

at the same time, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that silver is the high interest rates and financial guarantee to entice investors. For the guarantee, Ruian Jintong financing Company limited by guarantee legal representative and general manager said the company has never been to Yemou, silver company’s loan guarantee business, silver financial website of the company issued by the commitment, for investors to invest in financial services platform Yinfang to provide security guarantee is a forgery.

– more than 200 million

illegal fund-raising

as early as October 2014, P2P platform silver square financial officer Cai Jincong suddenly lost contact, a number of creditors to Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau Jianggan branch report. February 14, 2015, due to the crime of illegal deposits from the public, Cai Jincong was arrested, in the same year on November, Zhejiang City, Hangzhou province people’s Procuratorate accused of committing fraud to raise funds to the court to prosecute the crime of fraud.

from the prosecution of a year’s time, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that in June 30th, Hangzhou issued the Zhejiang City Intermediate People’s court’s verdict, Cai Jincong guilty of financial fraud and sentenced to life imprisonment. As far as the P2P field of the heaviest penalty, between a moment, causing a high degree of concern in the industry.

guilty of fund-raising fraud, before the maximum penalty for death penalty, but after the amendment of the criminal law, the death penalty has been abolished fund-raising fraud." There are people in the legal profession, which means that life imprisonment is the top of the crime of fund-raising fraud.

"daily economic news" reporter noted that, in fact, before the establishment of the bank square finance, Cai Jincong has been saddled with huge debts. Trial data showed that long before October 2013, the defendant Cai Jincong, Xuemou and Cai Jincong’s business Pc Limited Wenzhou Chuangwei many times to others or borrowing bank debt, a total of more than 1100 yuan, and charged to the people’s court.

worked in the Bank of Wenzhou Ruian branch of the Yellow moujia Tangxia also indicated that Cai Jincong’s Ruian Chuangwei Pc Limited 5 million yuan bank loan to Wenzhou, then Cai Jincong also through its relationship with 3 enterprises loan to Zhejiang Chouzhou bank Ruian branch loans 4 million 500 thousand yuan. It and Cai Jincong also co Wei Wei, Wu Bo, who borrowed about 10000000 yuan to repay the loan and their use of usury, the loan has not been returned to these.

actually, Cai Jincong was arrested on suspicion of committing a crime of illegal deposits from the public

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