The actual value is the survival of the WEB2 0

with the rise of the Web2.0 wave, two years of vision of the entrepreneurial dream of many people into the Web2.0 venture. Network favorites open today, nearly 100 years to collect the Web2.0 website 1/3 there are open. At the same time, at the same time, the author is also thinking, why the domestic 2 application has not been a breakthrough in progress?

Web2.0 in the author’s understanding of the network economy is a new era of industrial layout opportunities. Its role was originally through various new network applications to enhance the economic vitality, let users have more space to play freely, reality and better meet the needs of users, this is the difference between Internet media and traditional media characteristics.

and precisely meet the real needs of this most important point, we do not do a lot of Web2.0 site. "Networking" as the core concept of business SNS is typical of a class of 2 sites, once the high hopes of the 2 applications, but the current situation seems not so optimistic, active users, reduce the user loss is a serious problem facing them. In fact, from the demand point of view, it is not difficult to see the reasons for this phenomenon. As a business visit to SNS people, the initial needs is "Networking", but the reality really needs is how the accumulated contacts, let these contacts to promote their business, and bring profit for its. If you just do a SNS tool, but the lack of a relationship, access to business mechanism, it is difficult to keep people. This is a typical case of heavy and light demand.

so, how to better meet the needs of users, and then the real realization of the interaction of network resources, I think there are two needs to do better. First, to discover the real needs, with a simple and practical application to meet them. Second, found to be not enough to meet the needs of the full use of improved means and forms to meet them.

here to contact the author of the two relatively new 2 should be used to explain how they are using this platform to meet the needs of users of the 2, which can also give some reference to the other 2 models.

in the exploration of the reality of the existence of demand, we should all be concerned about the entrepreneur and the group of this group of real needs. For entrepreneurs, there are 3 needs is the most realistic: first, find the entrepreneurial resources, group team; the second, consulting advice; the third, reduce the cost of entrepreneurship. So how to meet the needs of these three completely satisfied, this is as a service for entrepreneurs site should focus on the core issues.

I found a new Web2.0 application – entrepreneurial circles, this is doing a good job. Its main focus on the three needs to expand the layout of the design of the 2. This site has 3 most important sections. The first is the "partner", where you can see the entrepreneurial community of users have and need of "resources" (>

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