Free end Godaddy new domain no longer provide free hosting

"free" is not the topic of the Internet, because the free Ma Huateng achievements of the QQ Empire, Ma created the myth of Taobao, and today the topic all the time, whether it is coming to an end! In the process of domestic heavyweights start to pay from free of change in foreign IDC is transforming the free strategy of their own.

Godaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar, their domain name business world famous, not only because it turn into a convenient, and when they registered the domain name, they will give the 10G free space, this space is a rare space for us, and domestic hundreds of megabytes compared to 10G, the space is very big although, this space has little advertising, but, for the novice friends, the temptation is a 10G of free space.

and now Godaddy will end the free space of the 10G, which means that the registration of Godaddy free domain name, there will be no free space for the.

below is Godaddy’s official reply:

cited content:

Thank you for contacting Online Support. We are no longer offering free hosting plans with new domain registrations. We currently offer a free InstantPage Page Web Site with all 1 – new domain registrations.

tip: Thank you for contacting online support for the newly registered domain name we will not provide free space, we are currently raising free InstantPage for all newly registered domain names.

Godaddy is the free space will no longer be on the new registered domain names are provided, for the love of Godaddy host friends, is undoubtedly a blow, and online friends suggested that there are two ways to put pressure on GoDaddy:

1, the new registered domain name refund, the refund is too much, this way to the official Godaddy pressure, in order to achieve the purpose of Godaddy continue to provide a free space, but the risk is strong, if the domain name back, this measure has been substantial progress, then you will lose the name said.

2, the transfer of domain names to IX this free domain name hosting business, you buy the official website of the Chinese ixwebhosting donated 3 free domain name host program, then, in the domain >

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