Stationmaster net broadcast tuniu set up film company Dong Mingzhu said millet is a thief

1 northern listed in the three new board to sell waste was the only income

October 12th 4 pm, Tianjin Enorth New Media Group officially landed three new board, Tianjin radio and television station, Wang Yi said Enorth review the development of sour, sweet, bitter, hot. He is more exposed, selling waste is actually the first pen and the north is quite a long time the only operating income.

5 sentence to see what Wang Yi said, Sina News finishing:

1, the North network to sell waste, was actually the first pen and is the only operating income for a long time.

2, the company’s growth in the first three years, at any time due to cash flow and the risk of premature death.

3, Enorth through harsh and sink in the traditional business system ills, active two times to give up a utility opportunity, has become a key Enorth managed to maintain corporate structure clear and independent operation of the market economy status.

4, the traditional radio and television, after more than a decade of frequency, channel specialization reform, the reform of the bonus has been completed.

5, the CPC Central Committee put forward the media integration is the political requirements, but also contains a huge business opportunities.

2 is not really too Penguin doll, guess this advertisement is Tencent’s  

Tencent shelves two black and white color figures, supporting the introduction of advertising by the netizen that unlike before QQ style.

October 12th, the Tencent of user research and experience design center (CDC) released a product – black and white QQ Penguin doll. It was squeezed in a pile of other surrounding, the shelves in the Tencent Image (Tecent) in the shop pat on the Internet, and the same period under the store online QQ image Tencent Image sale.

about Tencent peripheral products including bags, water bottle, about 70 products, but the black and white doll seems greater than they are important. Tencent for its supporting the release of 5 advertising video, the main black and white high cold wind.

3 beauty group comments after the merger of hungry or embarrassing takeaway O2O change  

U.S. group, the public comment on the merger, so that take out O2O hungry companies suffered embarrassment.

announced third days after the merger in the U.S. group and the public comment, hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao released an internal e-mail, to clarify the external "hungry" speculation, while letting employees understand the next and who "love", and "who is killed".

Zhang Xuhao this email has 3 main points:

1, "hungry," and did not participate in the merger, the future will remain independent development unchanged;


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