This week we cover 1 True Parents True Parent

first_imgThis week we cover: 1. True Parents True Parents’ Special Luncheon with CARP-USA and CARP’s Hyo Jeong Tour in Korea 2. World NewsHeavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Thailand: Kononchuk Family Completes Blessing 430 Couples/ Heavenly Korea: Completion of HTM Blessing 430 Couples/ Heavenly Japan, Sub-region 4: March Forward Rally to Promote Japan-Korea Relations & Family Festival/ Heavenly Japan: Inauguration of the HTM Academy and Lecturer Training Seminar)Peace Activities (Korean Religious Association: Interreligious Blessing Seminar/ Korean Religions Women’s Association: Volunteering for the 68th Anniversary of the Korean War/ Brazil: Launch of the Int’l Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP)/ USA-WFWP: Korean Unity Event/ Benin: DP Workshops for the Launch of IAPD)Youth Activities (Brazil CARP: Inauguration of the Int’l Association of Youths and Students for Peace (YSP)/ Thailand: DP Workshop and Prue Love Education for New Members’ Children/ DP Workshops: Nepal, Dominican Republic, Cote d’Ivoire)Major Events (Heavenly Korea, sub-region 1: Dedication Ceremony for Bucheon Family Church Building/ World Tong-il Moo-do Federation: 1st Anniversary Celebration/ Heavenly Japan: 2018 Hyo Jeong Wish Fulfillment Paper Offering Ceremony) Prepared by PeaceTVPlease click on your preferred language below to watch this week’s report: English   Spanish   Portuguese   French    Russian    Korean    Japanese    Chineselast_img

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