LC style the future of the nternet to do the horse fashion business

once, the search is the most effective way for users to get information on the Internet, but in the face of online shopping needs, search failure. Whether it is Baidu or Taobao’s search, can not solve the problem of women’s seasonal nuances caused by subtle differences in each season. Too many women have such experience: open the Taobao search box type legging, hundreds of pages of different style, style, price Leggings altogether, it also makes a very early start to try to online shopping. The horse is quite distressed. "Black, concise design, these keywords still can not lead to an accurate positioning".

online shopping items rich, simple process, but the time spent picking things become more and more trouble. Ma said: "once read a blog to write – direct search to find a product and found that it would take a night, the results still did not make any decision. And friends around them, they have also said that the current mass of products in the sudden encounter to the favorite baby, and be able to make a decision to buy, is a very lucky thing. But usually around Taobao even than shopping is tiring. I don’t know if it’s going to happen to a lot of people. " This is online shopping. And in front of the demand." How can we improve the efficiency of decision-making in the face of online shopping


in the summer of 2010, spent ten years as a fashion magazine horse, met with former YOKA, Qiyi product director Leeson, MA in speak his confusion at the same time, also saw the opposite opportunity — take the media as the starting point, and help their own online shopping crowd, find suitable buy, price, high fashion goods.


Innovation: open a new wave of online fashion media

channel from the portal to provide users with stylish life information to the Onlylady, YOKA, such as the emergence of vertical fashion website, the line of fashion industry through the Internet to the user more information. With the rapid development of e-commerce and develop user habits, the horse you think has come to a time node, Unicom online and offline, offline from the industry rules of implementation: the network is a tool, is fashionable. To achieve direct purchase, completed the traditional fashion media, the last mile".

thus, LC style network to fashion style shopping guide media formally launched. The horse you think, LC has shown new features in the fashion media segments: first, docking with the traditional graphic fashion magazines in the website visual experience and content quality, to the original, good content to attract users, become the women’s line style; secondly, through the establishment of advisory network fashion business products database. Goods and fashion, will be the corresponding online shopping style, allowing users to click through to buy".

in this process, Ma on the trend of fashion electricity supplier judgment has three points: first, the diversification of the online shopping needs can not be met by the big platform, one or two

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