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recently Canada affair website was hacked, resulting in leakage of user information of tens of millions, reported that this is the world so far with the largest data breach. A sheriff, is also a user of this site in the last week because of "the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked and Dutch act".

this makes the Internet the other "hookup" website and adult porn sites began to worry about on tenterhooks, become the next target of hackers — a porn site, even if the user’s privacy protection, it also play what ah


of our country on pornographic websites is taken firmly attitude, and in many foreign countries, people are allowed to browse legitimate porn sites, in their own home in fact, this activity is very common, so the porn website is a huge business. Today, yiduiread (read) to talk about the status of pornographic websites in the Internet world, as well as foreign porn sites really do not care about it?

people around the world love porn sites more than you can imagine

how big is a porn site


"commercial value" reported that the world’s largest adult website Xvideos monthly traffic reached 4 billion 400 million, this figure is 3 times the U.S. television network CNN traffic, is 2 times the popular social news website Reddit.

so you may not be too big a concept, one read (yiduiread) compared to the average daily visits of the last three months of Xvideos, found that it is the amount of Jingdong visits, Youku visits of 11 times. But at the moment it in the authoritative website ranking Alexa list ranked thirty-fourth, BBC, Tmall and other famous sites are left behind.

look at the entire porn site industry, Google’s advertising service provider Doubleclick data released in 2012 showed that the number of independent visits in the top 500 sites, there are a number of pornographic sites ten.

in addition to the huge traffic, porn sites in the user’s residence time is non general website and. People stay on porn sites 3 times as often as other sites – up to 15 to 20 minutes.


however, watch adult content, the average length of the highest state you may never think of Kuwait, and porn sites accounted for the highest share of the area of Iraq and Egypt, countries are relatively conservative social customs. The report from the Israeli Similar Web market research firm also shows that in terms of the amount of visits to pornographic websites, ranked first, Hongkong, china. Surprisingly, the United States accounted for 60% of the total number of global porn web site is not on the list.

user groups such as

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