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1.2014 domestic food and beverage O2O big event: rice system closed down, called a duck rise  

2014 is not simple year, continue to impact the high-end catering and winter continuation of the tide of mobile Internet: (1) and death group website group purchase discount, the transformation of a group, to find a godfather group, living one; (2) to a number of high-end restaurants, stripping group, take the popular one number of cases, the dismal; (3) financing a group takeaway website, take a number of route segments, hit a number of logistics, bustling; (4) a number of high-profile Internet catering brand, boasting a group of a group, is Tucao, as trassient as a fleeting cloud. We found that by the year of 2014 O2O catering events combing, catering industry combined with the Internet will be transferred to the competition before the flow of supply chain, line back-end services and the surrounding resources integration competition, catering to the development of O2O to a depth direction.

The ten event

2.2014 years Chinese payment industry: raid, storm, running and siege  

2014, millions of users to participate in WeChat grab red war, siege of Alipay in the postwar crowd four lines also get Ali and taxi subsidies billions of Tencent. The third party payment as the key link in the chain, the financial importance is self-evident, aimed at all kinds of chaos payment market, the central bank is repeatedly rectification.

2014, the third party payment market has been smoke constantly, giants are busy staking, upstart continuously into the Bureau, WeChat red raid, drops fast in the mobile payment, Alipay storm in the sun circle of friends ten years running bills and state-owned banks on the Alipay surround is a "colorful", and the invisible hand "harassment" make war more and more many uncertain factors. In the future, the payment market will be staged a vigorous war, there will be a new pattern in five years.

3 where the cotton and other vertical electric providers why the tragedy of the common

how to break through?

vertical electricity supplier focused on the market segments, the understanding of the industry and products more profound, it is also easier to make features to meet the individual needs of a particular class of user groups, the market value of its existence. But in the electronic commerce rapid growth of more than 10 years, the development of vertical electricity supplier has not been satisfactory, although, and a few industry star, but unhappy is the most, we have seen the sale of red child Suning, Mcglaughlin gradually wither, where the customer is experiencing a transformation of the storm, more a large number of former stars such as cotton, poly mesh products, carved out of people’s vision.

the last two years, the development of a comprehensive electricity supplier platform increasingly fierce, robbed almost all of the limelight, accounting for the vast majority of market share. In their squeeze, vertical electricity supplier is a quiet, almost no strength to fight back, the living dead is dead, but also suffered a continued decline in traffic and turnover. >

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