One week news review chinahr com to decline 3B war resurgence smoke

1, admitted that "sold" recruitment website imitation hard win

days ago, "will be sold" a thing to be confirmed. It is reported that the end of last year, the United States online news online recruitment giant Monster company seeking to sell its subsidiary news, a ripple. According to the January 24th unconfirmed news that has been "my job network acquisition, acquisition of the amount of $30 million. Insiders said that the traditional model of a single network recruitment profit, homogeneity and vicious cycle of serious development, and social network recruitment is growing influence on the prospects of traditional network recruitment.

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decryption reduced mystery founder wanted to take over the


sample: new foreign defeat to decline

The destruction of operation failure mode in

dilemma now cuts: who is an embarrassing


2, well-known hotel group, ban Taobao, where to order

"Shangri-La Hotel is no longer available in our hotel, we recommend you the same standard another hotel." Yesterday, the friends of Hangzhou to visit Shangri-La Hotel reservation room, was accidentally booked a Taobao shop’s refusal". Finally, he can only be scheduled through Ctrip, the same room, Mr. Peng more than nearly 500 yuan. Recently, one from Taobao’s first store "golden delicious tomato travel holiday" manager of micro-blog pointed out that and where the network order was blocked, several large international hotel group "".

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where the network said Ctrip Ctrip

3, the network video industry dispute who is China YouTube?

network video industry dispute who is "YouTube" in China, the domestic video industry is still in the struggle for profit on the occasion, the other side of the ocean YouTube some time ago came news of near profitability. The message was obtained by Google C E O Eric; · >

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