Safety first cloud host to act tough and talk soft to protect the site security

"safety first" is a slogan that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, people’s safety awareness in life and work are constantly improving, more and more attention to security. Naturally into the information age of the Internet today, website security is necessary to attach importance to the site to become bigger and stronger to ensure their safety, because once the attack would not only cause traffic, the loss of users, but also make the site to establish a good image in the minds of users before long gone.

How can we guarantee that

website security? Xiaobian that need you see here, two pronged approach to act tough and talk soft, will doubt its implementation, following to the station you "Darling" – cloud host, for example to explain.

first: hard condition

the so-called rigid condition refers to those cloud hosting itself has to achieve the security of website security function, although the current technology is still unable to achieve 100% of the security of user information, but now has been able to achieve fault isolation and security.

we need to choose a technology at the time of purchase convincing cloud hosting service providers, such as Internet service providers, the linkage of the world domestic eight ( developed the "easy cloud host" in addition to a common cloud host security protection ARP attack protection and distributed, large-scale storage function, can realize automatic fault data migration, multiple copies of the operating system, online replacement services to help users effectively resist all kinds of attacks.

linkage of the world in addition to strong technical support, is the introduction of a rare huge benefit activities: the first month of 35% off, buy 1 get 1 months of the year, buy 2 get 6 months of the year, buy 3 get 1 years, and offers a 3 day free trial and single orders over 500 minus 100 yuan discount. It is not only the most affordable, more affordable. Such a high quality and low cost of cloud hosting can help enterprises to a higher level.

second: soft conditions

soft condition refers to the user can take some measures to protect the security of the site. What are the most effective measures?

1) the password is set to host Cloud Security (such as FTP, password admin passwords, email passwords), usually contains small letters, numbers and special symbols of the 8 digit password more secure, if can replace a password is recommended every 3 months.

2) try to use components to upload data, in order to prevent the destruction of the site by uploading trojans.

3) to the background of the management of the entrance to add verification code, in order to prevent violence by the program.

4 database suffix to use.Asp/.asa, avoid using.Mdb, so as not to be downloaded by hackers.

5) the name of the database to be as complex as possible, so as not to be too common to be guessed by hackers.

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