Personal information is still selling 130 yuan to provide QQ chat records

personal information protection national standards implemented today, the reporter found that

(reporter Duan Chenqun) today, China’s first national standards for the protection of personal information – information security technology public and commercial services information systems personal information protection guide will be formally implemented. But reporters yesterday in the online search found that there is still a web site can query the individual information, some netizens said that due to the implementation of the standard and no specific rules, so the protection of personal information or discount. The 360 Internet Security Center released data show that in 2012 the new mobile phone Trojans and malicious software, mobile phone malicious advertising plug-in 347665, infected mobile phone 550 million people.

it is understood that the information security technology public and commercial services information systems personal information protection guide clearly states that in the collection of personal information needs to have a specific, clear, legitimate purpose. Prior to the collection of personal information should be easy to know the way, to the personal information subject clearly informed.

, in particular, can not directly to the age of 16 years of age to collect sensitive personal information, it is necessary to collect their personal sensitive information required to obtain the explicit consent of his legal guardian. When the personal information is used in the collection stage, it is necessary to delete personal information immediately; if you want to continue to deal with personal sensitive information, to obtain the express consent of the personal information.

survey: nearly 30% malicious software to collect user information

newspaper reporter found on the web search, there are still sites to get money to get publicity related personal information. In a claim check the owners of personal identity information on the website, the reporter found that the site can be informed with the owner of the propaganda "residence address, name, telephone number, ID number, engine number, and the price tag is only 130 yuan a. At the same time, on the site can not find any ICP record information, customer service also left only a QQ number. Reporter tried to contact the QQ, but added a few times did not get through to become their friends. And even more surprising is that the reporter to open the site, will immediately be safe to remind the legitimate anti-virus software browser home page is trying to modify.

survey website also provides QQ chat log

at the same time, the current "business survey" in the name of the site also began to enter people’s sight. The name of the site under the banner of private investigators, claiming to be able to provide customers with other people’s address, telephone number, ID card number, household registration, mobile phone text messages, call records, QQ chat records and a series of services. Different from the previous sale of the owner of the information website, such sites can also provide other people’s privacy information based on customer needs. Site on the home page shows a series of the company professionals tracking candid images, some of which contain indecent photos. When a reporter asked whether there are other successful cases, how much is the price, customer service personnel to the commercial secrets, can not provide the case, at the same time, the reporter to deposit and then talk about.

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