HootSuite CEO the secret of millions of users caught empty handed

lead: CEO strategies for summary of the HootSuite, can not spend a penny of advertising will earn 5 million of consumers.


Author: Ryan Holmes (Ryan Holmes) is HootSuite CEO (this article was originally published in LinkedIn


in the first three years of my company, HootSuite, we had little money on marketing, PR or advertising. As a small start-up company, we do not have the financial strength. You might wonder how we did it.

because of this, I recently wrote an article about how my company made 5 million consumers without spending a penny of advertising: building a business with a free trial.

in this article, I will share the secret of HootSuite’s explosive growth in the early years of a very tight budget: the global brand ambassador program. What does this mean? The brand ambassador program includes the creation of a global legion, which is made up of people who are genuinely interested in our company and are willing to help. This is an effective way to enhance the brand’s global visibility with very limited budgets.

Here are some of the most important strategies behind the success of

, which help us get millions of users in the first three years.

1 to build low-cost and interesting grassroots advocacy program.

the number of our users has soared from thousands to millions. The secret of this is to organize a variety of small, localized, small-scale campaigns on a global scale. Because of the development of Technology (such as social media), all of this is easy to operate, even for companies with limited resources.

first, we will focus on emerging markets, and quickly through Facebook and Twitter networks and local users to contact. Then, we will actively interact with them, such as doing translation projects together, giving them stickers and owl masks, and organize a variety of fun and interesting community activities. In the end, we will celebrate their participation in various forms, including posting photos and stories on our Internet channels such as corporate blogs or Facebook pages. We will also actively participate in some of our carefully selected industry events, such as the SXSW conference, and use low-cost, easy and fun way to stand out in the general assembly, to attract people’s attention.

in this way, we have hundreds of people around the world become our brand ambassadors, because they love our products, but also love our team. They did it all by themselves, and they were free, for they had great fun. Many of them are brand ambassadors bloggers, consultants, early adopters and "digital influencers", they do.

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