Some thoughts on Sohu micro blog marketing

since mid May, the Internet began to spread the Sohu raise a Babel of criticism of micro-blog marketing. Some people sell their methods on Taobao, the day rose 10 yuan, the use of Witkey to popularize in QQ group, YY group. Many people have to buy, but the implementation of the method, the effect is not good. I am in the rose to 68 yuan bought a, are discussed in detail in the "QQ" in being hung wangzhuan. In fact, now can not be called is fooled, this method still can be desirable, the effect in January when this method is very good, because at that time, with not many people, some people even through this method to earn nearly million yuan (this is September, the teacher said). The method is open, we have to do, there is no good effect, but also can not make money.

some students may already know and practice this method, but some students may not know. Anyway, now has been open, it does not matter the bad business of others. The principle of this approach is to use micro-blog’s high weight, high traffic, improve the ranking of keywords. Now we are doing, the choice of the long tail keywords is very important. (how to choose the long tail keywords, please see the SEO tutorial).


method is very simple: the first sign of a Sohu (micro-blog account, certainly must have the electronic mail, the teacher Zhang Yongwei said this time to engage in the Sohu micro-blog ranking did not make any money, sell electronic mail on Taobao is a small amount of money, ha ha, there are always people laugh and people cry). E-mail is registered account, after the success of the Sohu, micro-blog said it was a keyword, you want to popularize such as: I had a "pregnant women snore?" now should also row in Baidu’s home page. In personal signature repeat the key words "pregnant women snore?" and you want to promote Taobao products link or you want to promote the website (don’t I speak, we all know), repeated several times, to no limit principle.

then, start writing micro-blog, content is also your keywords and web site, repeat, as long as no more than 140 words.

repeat two to three times. In accordance with the original approach, to the end of the operation here, waiting for 10 minutes to Baidu after the collection of 1 hours, ranking results, generally in the home page. Oh, this refers to the beginning of the month when.

is now Baidu included in order to improve the effect of the rankings, but also to the weight of the high place posting spider. The improved method is that Baidu Post Bar to post, the post with your Sohu micro-blog. To do so, and now sometimes the effect can be, as long as you choose the long tail keywords well, row in the home page is very likely. Some time ago, I spent an hour to do five words, the second day view, there are three rows in the home page.

short term is to use this method can improve the site traffic, but the user experience is not good, long time Sohu and Baidu will be blocked, as for why can do now? I’m not sure why, some people say is a Sohu to >

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