How to improve employee participation in enterprise blog

excellent corporate blog can shape the image of the enterprise, effectively improve the visibility of the enterprise, and thus promote sales, is a tool to enhance corporate income. However, in the process of the implementation of the enterprise blog, how to let the staff to participate in, is a worthy of discussion, this article is to discuss how to improve the enthusiasm of employees to participate in corporate blog.

one, to carry out internal marketing training blog

this is to carry out the necessary work before the blog marketing, that is to explain the importance of employees of enterprise blog marketing and blogging skills, and communication is to give employees a concept: the enterprise blog can not only show the shape, corporate personality and culture, but also can improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and employees, employees are the results of a win-win. Now the blog marketing has become popular, pay attention to the blog marketing enterprise will be able to taste the sweetness, in the blog marketing training on attention, let the growing momentum of development.

two, the development of incentives

companies to develop detailed evaluation methods and incentives for employees to participate in the blog writing award. Can be in the unit time, in accordance with the quality of the article, quantity, amount and amount of reply and other comprehensive evaluation, set the first prize, two prize, the award and other awards and other awards for the three. For example, a weekly Star Award, given the award cash incentives for employees. The development of incentive measures, can make the staff at the same time, will also get some economic benefits, effectively improve the enthusiasm of participation.

three, as a reference to the promotion of staff level

in the general enterprise, due to various factors, the top leadership and the basic level of staff can not communicate well, perhaps the staff have a good idea or have excellent ability, but the conditions can not be displayed. Corporate blog here as a bridge of communication, employees can express their views through the blog properly, fully demonstrate their talent, so that high-level understanding of themselves, know yourself.

four, enhance the sense of belonging of employees

sense of belonging is the core of enterprise cohesion, the ability to win the trust and support of employees is the key to whether employees have a sense of belonging. Enterprise blog needs emotion content, not just some form of cold articles, if the employees of the enterprise as a home of their own, naturally this kind of feeling, with personal opinion articles tend to attract more visitors, expand the influence. Therefore, to strengthen the sense of belonging is the best way to improve the enthusiasm of employees to participate in corporate blog.


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