MT requires operators to the amount of warning to curb the price of traffic charges

More and more people use

mobile phone access to the Internet, but many people don’t know how much traffic (TechWeb pictures)

curb astronomical traffic

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology official website "Internet access service specification (Trial)" to solicit public opinions, which clearly requires, telecom operators should provide the package to the user to the amount of warning, excess reminder, expiration reminder reminder service.

some experts said that this will effectively curb the astronomical price phenomenon, can make the mobile phone users trust the internet. The user will be conducive to transparent consumer mobile Internet market is expected to be more active, talkweb information, latitude communications, Ultrapower in mobile phone animation, games, chat services companies will benefit.

More and more people now use

mobile phone access to the Internet, a lot of people have how much traffic to Xinlimeidi, and the existing traffic alert often lag, leading many consumers fall and hit astronomical traffic charges". Recently, Hunan mobile broke the astronomical astronomical case sparked social concern, the industry criticized telecom operators did not fulfill the obligation to take the initiative to remind and bear the corresponding responsibility.

have a number of mobile phone users to only download and install the security manager "or" 360 mobile phone guards and other software, use the software flow display function, can control the cost does not exceed the standard. However, the traffic monitoring software function is limited, the statistics of the traffic numbers is not accurate, there is a certain gap with statistical operators, only as a reference, consumers are always on tenterhooks.

reporter found that the three operators from the beginning of last year launched a number of active traffic alert service, or custom traffic alert service. The user said, these services are not perfect, just send routine daily or monthly traffic consumption, when the user traffic expires or exceed the standard, the operators do not have to remind the user immediately, when the user knows, has generated a high traffic charges.

so some users call, traffic alert service should be timely, in order to reduce the user’s knowledge of the phenomenon of high costs. The reporter learned from the operator, the actual traffic and SMS alerts tend to delay 24~48 hours. Telecom analyst Fu Liang believes that now the country is using the telecom tariff packages have tens of thousands more, the billing system makes very complex, it is difficult for operators of all users do remind services, should also further improve the alert service.

link: three reminder service

1 package to volume warning

refers to the user within the package of Internet access services close to the actual amount of packages limited by SMS, voice, Internet, etc., to remind the user in the billing cycle business usage, packages Limited information.

2 package

excess reminder

refers to the actual use of the package to achieve a limited amount of time to notify the user >

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