PR news early update a few happy tears

from the last October 29th only 75 days earlier, PR update, alas ah, this updated in advance, many small owners. Only the basic station be taken by surprise in more than and 10 days, not enough to update the qualification.

three step observation, the PR update cycle is the shortest in all the update cycle. (the longest cycle of the history of 4 months and 5 days)

connection fee group, station basically unchanged. The small station basic from 4 to 2, from 3 to 2 February are old railway station to the railway station to the 3.

4,1 months

PR hijacking plan seems to all fall..

update within one week after the transaction is the most basic, hit.

paid a full, now the comprehensive development of 3 group: 5230074 if you deal with the connection fee of interest, you are welcome to visit.

Google PR query: webmasters quickly check your site is updated.

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