Analysis the key difference between WeChat and Alipay wallet payment

The protagonist: WeChat

and Alipay wallet payment.

supporting role: micro-blog payment, peace one wallet, Baidu finance and financial management.

The conclusion of this paper:

WeChat to pay the payment process starting from the flow of fight, the big Alipay wallet can not abandon the fight stock flow, micro-blog paid out so as to contain the flow of specialization. Alipay needs to ensure absolute advantage to win the Alipay wallet, WeChat to pay as long as you keep on Alipay’s competition even if the victory. In addition to a wallet, soy sauce products can not affect the competition between these two giants.

in the previous two months (October 29, 2013), I published an essay on "the analysis for the tiger sniffing network has been seriously underestimated the WeChat payment", then the tiger sniffing network asked me to add some Li Min on WeChat paid for the use of scenario, the subtext is: you do not always say that WeChat payment is not the same feeling, what you have to say clearly where is not the same. I did not want to understand now finally want to clear: WeChat and Alipay wallet payment dispute, the dispute is the flow and stock.

Flow refers to the user

here to trade flows, the stock refers to the user account on the precipitation in the stock of capital in the transaction and financing behavior. Stock and flow is certainly closely related, but the different focus of the cut, will result in a huge difference in the use of the product experience. The Alipay wallet to do all products while covering the stock and flow, so do not always pay in to pay that like WeChat to completely give up other clients to mobile payment is simplified to the extreme.

Alipay: middle managers

Alipay and Alipay wallet. Because Taobao is secured transactions, you must first pay Alipay, confirm receipt and then ordered Alipay to pay the seller. Therefore, Alipay is the fund management center of the natural gene, it is always the goal of the user’s money in your account. Such a gene by the balance of treasure this product has been enlarged, financial products not only for the user to spend money to stay in the account, more directly aimed at the family wealth. Recently, the balance of treasure also began to test the one-year fixed income products, although universal insurance sold early in Taobao financial channel, but the balance of treasure sales rate is far from Alipay’s financial accounts and account isolation can match the. That is to say, Alipay and the Taobao Tmall behind the same goal, is the hope that you can meet all the needs in its system, although they welcome other institutions to enter the system become a necessary complement, but do not want to get you through this system to other services.

this is a character created a "Taobao Tmall + Alipay balance treasure" is strong, but also determines the weaknesses of Alipay: unable to simplify the payment process. Before the birth of Alipay quick payment through Alipay, with online payment is a very complicated process. The payment success rate is not high. Is the payment process smooth fast payment has established the market position of Alipay in the flow field.

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