The realization of the flow of watercress on the line of social shopping guide products

( A5 station network June 20th news: watercress recently quietly on the line of social business products "talk of the goods" (, began to test the water social business road. "We talk about the product" is divided into browsing, dynamic and my home page three plates. Currently only access to the right to access the user, the user can log in to see my general merchandise home page plate, and can not share goods. Prior to Sina micro-blog marriage Ali, trying to realize the flow of electricity through the social electricity supplier. The new product line, the domestic network community is trying to social electricity supplier and a big move.

"the talk of the commodity" is still in beta stage, some users get the experience of the bean quality authority. Can be seen as similar to a beautiful and socialized electricity supplier shopping guide products models, but the difference in the beautiful, said’s recommendation, "the talk of the commodity is a shopping guide mode based on Douban users to share, depending on the user stickiness, the quality of the content of community have a high demand. Users will be recommended by sharing Taobao, Tmall, one shop and other electronic business platform products, watercress did not set their own purchase page. Browse to find sections contains groceries, home Geek, and her sense of design, small feelings, digital products, outdoor sports, beauty care and chowhound 9 categories, reflecting the bean has been small and fresh art fan children. The following categories of products, including the price, picture, name, comment, the user to share other goods and other information, through the purchase button, direct purchase page.

compared to micro-blog, in fact, watercress has more electricity supplier gene. Micro-blog information dissemination way is more lightweight, fragmentation, single dimension, although the speed of information dissemination and information have a considerable scale, but the interaction is poor, uneven quality of the information, making it difficult for users to change behavior. The bean is different, watercress is a development model based on community development, through the independent development of watercress community, books, television, watercress watercress watercress audio, the user’s sense of belonging is very strong, the viscosity is too high. The quality of information has been maintained at a high level. Small fresh, literary fan is the characteristics of watercress users. Operation for more than 8 years the number of today’s classification of watercress group, has more than 350 thousand, including travel, shopping, beauty, delicacy, reading, film and television all aspects of content, accumulation precipitation user, watercress has formed its own set of watercress culture system, in this system, quality, quantity and frequency of user share are already high. The watercress a few relatively active group, involving the field has great potential market electricity supplier. Most users are also active in reading, movies, music, these areas. Interest group, brand club, watercress station and public home page also has a certain electricity supplier gene. If you can in the watercress group on the basis of high quality content, the establishment of a set of user sharing, the algorithm recommended shopping guide, believe >

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