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southeast Network – strait Herald News November 8th "bought" mobile domain ", days after the resale or rental or can earn a lot of money." When the lady said, attending a foggy meeting, she spent 40 thousand yuan to claim Beijing agents — Xiamen UFIDA Houseman network science and technology limited company to purchase a mobile domain name for 20 years the right to use "". However, as time goes by, there is a feeling of being fooled. Subsequently, when Miss met more and she had the same experience and ideas, and was invited to join the group, intends to discuss a statement.

muddleheaded brush 40 thousand

in January this year, when miss Xiamen Houseman Network Technology Co., Ltd. invited to participate in a mobile e-commerce conference. After the meeting, including a dozen people, including Miss, was invited to the 1 room. Miss said that the atmosphere was very tense throughout the room, she just asked a question, I would like to look at discount clothing……" Some people should immediately say: "this is also, to register quickly!" Hastily, when Miss Flower 40 thousand registered and won the "discount clothing" this domain name for 20 years of registration.

years later, the staff said again that she expects 1 years of revenue will reach 600 thousand. But in July this year, when Miss suddenly received a phone call, is a she also bought a "mobile Street" domain name but I feel cheated people, and that we have set up a QQ group, hope she can join together, "justice". When Miss began to feel that she was fooled. At that time, said the young lady wanted a refund, was rejected.

"mobile business street" is what?

When miss

told the Herald reporter to produce some materials: a "UF mobile street service confirmation form", a "registration certificate" mobile real name, and the Houseman company issued an invoice. An Industry Herald reporter analysis said that the domain name Miss buy, does not belong to the general search on the Internet, and the need to enter the "UF mobile" this particular platform to search, "it is like in the traditional network, taobao.com shop, only to enter the Taobao network to see your shop". Insiders said, however, the key question is, taobao.com is free of registration, but the registration but at a high price "UF". Insiders said that the mobile commerce in China is still at the initial stage, before she heard preaching "1 annual return of 600 thousand, now seems to be still a mirage and insubstantial objects.

with the above problems, the Herald reporter to miss friends, came to the company visits, a responsible person surnamed Chen received us. When the Herald reporter throws the question, Mr. Chen admitted that when Miss registered name can only be found in the access to a specific platform, asked why the charges, Mr. Chen said that because the model is not the same".

QQ group set up to discuss

yesterday, the Herald reporter to buyers established QQ group, found that there is still a lot of people, there are sixty or seventy people.

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