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if you do the essence of the chain is to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking that is wrong. If you are interested, please look down.

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search engine link attaches great importance to link the full Bianwei, became the site trying to improve their position in the search engine tool. Google believes that by all links, should be a good website, or how there will be so many people love him? More people love him, the PR value is high, then the greater the weight of this web page. Links to other sites can bring more traffic. Since Google and other major search engines will be a wide range of Web sites as an important factor in ranking reference, the more sites you link, the higher your site rankings. At the same time, the quality of the link is also an important factor to consider the search engine. Links to sites with high levels of access are more advantageous than sites with low access. (from Baidu Encyclopedia of the development of Chinese and foreign chain)

do SEO friends heard most of the sentence is: content is king, the chain for emperor". The guardian does not know this sentence is who first mentioned, after the first half of this year the search leading adjustment, many of my friends have the chain for the emperor has become a high quality the chain, define the high quality of the chain you say more, the guardian will not say. We think the site outside the chain optimization objective is basically two: lifting the weight of the website, improve website keywords ranking.

may be precisely because of the so-called recognized effect, so do the chain is roughly two ways: anchor text and pure web site (pure text and hyperlinks). This is also what we say to enhance the site weight and keywords ranking corresponding. But is this really the case? If this is really the case, we will not be in the major web site that do not use the chain, because we have seen a form: the chain to have quality. So how can the quality of the chain? This may be the high quality of the chain everyone has a different view, who is right and who is wrong. So we do ask you to guard the chain is the essence of what


if you do the essence of the chain is to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking that is wrong. Why do we want to enhance the site’s weight and keywords ranking because we want to make their site a greater degree of exposure on the search engine. What is the purpose of our website search engine exposure: to attract users to our site, may be an exchange, may be spending, may be to provide an entrance to the next line of cooperation. So do the chain is to let the user to our website, and then the next step of communication and even cooperation. Many friends in the website of the construction of the chain, and even pay attention to the high quality of the chain, but you only completed one step, that is to attract users to your site. What does the user get on the web site? Do we have the content we need to provide the user with the high quality content, the user needs, etc.. We have not really to communicate with the user, have you ever thought of the user to me >

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