Trusted site refers to the lack of authoritative certification only commercial behavior

recently, reporters found that many sites are more of a trusted site logo, the logo is to the trusted sites to verify the network management agencies to apply for certification. The authority of this certification is the logo of the site will be able to fully trust it?.

certification to pay

in the net on the site, the reporter saw the site through the trusted sites authentication: website covering all walks of life beyond count, government agencies, hospitals, or the most of the e-commerce website, and through the certification website, both Taobao, Jingdong and other people for having heard it many times a large electricity supplier website, there are also some unknown small website.

why these sites on this label are trusted in droves? "And apply for certification through the website, there will be the integrity of identity, can enhance users’ trust, users can rest assured login, increase user viscosity for enterprises. And apply to join the trusted site, and other members of the alliance to share information and experience." Baidu has the relevant staff told reporters.

how to get a trusted site logo, its application process is not as complex as the reporter imagined. "As long as the company business license, organization code certificate, certificate of domain name and other information, let the network audit can, from application to final approval before two weeks." The same "chinapnr relevant staff told reporters the trusted site logo.

but to get this logo is not free, Baidu has ah related staff told reporters that the annual verification service fee is 1500 yuan, for a period of 10 years, that is 10 years for this website will pay 15000 yuan.

is just a business act

reporter in the network website that is composed of a trusted site verify Chinese Internet Network Information Center technical support and North Long net (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. jointly responsible for the implementation of. In addition to its offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have offices, the site can apply to the location of the office.

offices in Shanghai is a Shanghai post network technology company, the company project manager Mr. Xiong told reporters, according to the domain name registration information, website information and business organizations or institutions of information interaction site audits to verify the true information, supported by the introduction of third party security technology, on site whether the real-time scanning of the safety performance of the horse. Once the site is abnormal, it will immediately inform the site, but also to the Internet users on the relevant website publicity.

does so that you can reach the standard of trusted sites? Shanghai Information Association Huang Hui said that the trusted sites should from two aspects, one is technical, the site must be no Trojan and virus; on the other hand is the content, and the content of credibility is the most difficult to control, but also the most important. The Department has not truly identified trusted sites".


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