Google Asia Pacific executives discuss with the original agent to avoid the Chinese team


original East Second Impact agents employees of Google Shanghai office, after the middleman mediation, finally again "leapfrog" to see the leadership of the leadership.

October 20th, Google Asia Pacific Sales Director Aliza went to Shanghai and Eastern agents talks. "Daily economic news" was informed that the talks intended to avoid the Google China executives and business team, so that part of the key evidence to be presented. However, there are still no substantive results of the auction or compensation, etc..

"must ask them to leave"

to the formal conversation with Aliza before the moment, we proposed to ask the Chinese business team to leave, she immediately rejected." Representatives of Eastern agents said that the reason for the refusal of Aliza is no such precedent, and discrimination, the harm of the suspected work partner.

"but finally we convinced her. Asia Pacific executives in order to solve the problem, then it should be understood, as long as the Chinese team presence, some things can not talk."

talks will eventually be appointed Google Asia Pacific Sales Director Aliza, Google’s four lawyers, as well as the Eastern District of the agency to attend the boss. In the relatively relaxed atmosphere, Eastern agents to Aliza and other parts of the key evidence. "After she saw it, she was shocked."

Eastern agents on the daily economic news, said the talks briefly talked about the protests, Google goodwill, auction, customer handling, etc.. However, due to their agreement with Google, currently can not disclose more details.

evaluation of the short talks, Eastern agents said, but also get through, but no results." The first time they talk with Aliza in September 29th for the first time, agents into Google’s Shanghai office to protest, Aliza in the video angrily demanded its immediate withdrawal "; and Aliza second times more formal conversation, both executives for the first time here, but the other side only to listen to opinions; the talks progress that the series of events will be canceled the agent is made in this paper, both sides exchanged views.

makes Eastern agents feel gratified is: Google Asia Pacific executive commitment will be stationed in the special counsel and their cooperation, financial and legal affairs related to the original China executive commitment; "within 3~5 days of establishment of" has been below the working group to cancel this, Google Chinese business team to maintain the avoidance of event processing agents processing; Aliza will fly to Shanghai next week to understand the progress.

agent event affect the show

According to the latest Market Research Report

AI Rambam released Tuesday shows that Google in the Chinese network search revenue market share by second quarter fell to 27.3% in the third quarter of 24.6%, there is no evidence that channel adjustments on Google in >

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