Wang Jianlin said 27 years ago that he earned one hundred million and retired today He said he wou

Abstract: I have a grand vision, the Wanda made world-renowned brand, do first-class enterprise, I can’t speak the specific figures, we set the internal numbers, 2020 must be achieved before the number of global, this goal has not been achieved, perhaps in 2020, 2019, this goal was achieved in 2018, may I you went to retire.


UK local time on the afternoon of February 23rd, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin at the University of Oxford open class podium, do the theme Wanda International speech.

"the world is so big, I want to break through." In 2015 the most popular China resignation letter, a teacher said in his letter of Resignation: "the world is so big, I want to see." Wang Jianlin would like to borrow this sentence wanda.

mentioned Wanda’s international strategy, Wang Jianlin pointed out that Wanda overseas investment to M & A, supplemented by investment. The key is to buy the right, which requires a connection with the existing industry wanda. Real estate, or culture, sports, tourism, Wanda is now engaged in the industry; two is the business can be transplanted to China, to get faster development in china. Give an example of a merger sports company, Wanda 2015 acquisition of the world’s largest triathlon, the United States WTC company mergers and acquisitions, less than half a year, the triathlon landed in Xiamen, Hefei Chinese.

in addition, Wanda International emphasis on the use of local talent. Wang Jianlin based on years of entrepreneurship, investment experience to realize that any country in the world to mergers and acquisitions and investment, as much as possible to retain the original management team, the use of local talent, to arouse their enthusiasm, don’t go anywhere to send Chinese past.

2016 as Wanda to further increase the intensity of overseas investment in the new year, Wanda’s series of actions are also of concern, after the speech is also accompanied by a shorthand site questions for everyone to read.

The following is a summary of Wang Jianlin’s speech in Oxford:


very honored to have the opportunity to talk about the experience of Wanda International Open Class in University of Oxford, because of the time, I do a brief speech, the rest of the time to ask questions. The topic of my speech is "Wanda internationalization", four points:

big scale enterprises

some industries to do large-scale, international investment, especially in entertainment, sports and other industries, foreign markets than China, which is an important reason for the internationalization of wanda.

become an international enterprise

2015 article the resignation letter in Chinese, a teacher said in his letter of Resignation: "the world is so big, I want to see." I would like to borrow this sentence Wanda, the world is so big, I want to break through."

Wanda corporate culture has been the core of the eight words. When I founded the company in 1988, I put forward the core of corporate culture

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