Starting with a beautiful woman entertainment community Bobo on line NetEase social video to a cup

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video website recently encountered travel immediately look in the amulet, network video profit model has been not optimistic, but the advertisement and their technical operation and capital, there is scanty, and have invested in arms to protect themselves and then seek the way daddy is no ground for blame. Recently, the NetEase began testing online video entertainment business, on-line beauty video broadcast wave such as 9158 can generally show online buzz entertainment


video of the overall profitability of the big one is not impressive, contrary to the 2005 9158 video community to push the video on the social route, the main cultural and entertainment business, but it is profiteering. Although have access to all kinds of soft porn, ambiguous economic title, but profit is the hard truth, the rich are just a cough people can surprise tenrai, online show since 9158 and later, YY beauty live mode is to emulate the successful people, the formal registration of internet entertainment arena. Several successful cases of high rise, video NetEase does not recognize the godfather, simply to a social video, led the girls for the development of


network culture: with a beautiful start

When the

media was the first fire to rely on a variety of beautiful star, though more handsome, but this is a product of the development of the heat that is, in the development of network video on premature; mobile marketing strategy, Ma Yun cut WeChat huge user resources, has invested heavily to invite beauty stars, pushing exchange, although ultimately failed to win the victory of good news, is also finally Miami effectively; Mobile Games online games, business use of beauty to attract users means it is not in this list emerge in an endless stream.

official website on the operational requirements of pure, but the user has been so sincere, straightforward, human needs, network from all walks of life have started with a beautiful, the market targeting is more excusable.

According to Baidu

Webmaster Platform 2014 website development trend report shows that last year the low quality site flood trend is suppressed in the official news, traders from the beauty in the ambiguous economic survival and development still stand? NetEase test wave, social video online has been imperative, Bobo is to go to the online club "reputation the show online line, or what


soft porn or edge ball are not worth mentioning, grass root economy route

9158 online show mode and YY mode of survival and profitability of the beauty of live and the key point is: the government hit the edge ball, the use of soft porn (required for humanity), but not from the grass root economy, grass root only lively, with the popularity of the Lord, the real money are still a few tall on the user, but the cock who is the most popular silk to gather resources are the most labor-saving, so the industry from the start because they love.

in the field of social video, video, public opinion of Enron, Tencent hot moment and so on is a good direction of business customers can use up, profits may not good grasp of it than this in suspension >

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