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a word can reverse the disadvantages, a word can also make you into a thorn. In the information age, any change in the company will be spread and spread rapidly on the internet. Those who are still in progress at a number of events, we from 2014 to now, this year, the Internet Co has experienced 10 great influence at the event, from Ali, Jingdong, to hammer, headlines today, regardless of company size and stage of development, they have been involved in different storm.

crisis public relations should be how to do? May wish to start from the following directions:

Tip 1: quick response to curb the spread of bad gossip.

Tip 2: assume responsibility. For any users, competitors, the third party issues, to take the responsibility.

Tip 3: sincere communication, position and position. Attitude must be correct, sincere, and, no matter who raised the question, we must consider the problem from the user and the customer’s position, explain the problem, propose solutions.

Tip 4: Founder to stand out. Especially startups, the founder must be brave bear responsibility, active communication, the release of sincerity.

Tip 5: seize the core point, the core figures, only deal with their problems, is the real solution to the problem.

we are now starting from the above points, one by one to interpret the crisis of public relations events, public relations battle to learn the game.

1, hell! With the crash of the logo India

event playback:

September 9th, Didi taxi announced the name changed to travel, and released a new logo. But the news has just been issued, that is pointed out that the identity of its new logo and a dentist in India is very similar to the composition of the logo, and the challenge of a fruit, advertising language is not standardized. Drops immediately deleted on micro-blog announcement.

at noon, drops travel in the administrative micro-blog responded that the creative crash was an accident, released two days ago, drops of creative people only to see India similar works – "hell!" but drops retained the most consistent with the content of products, and is processed in the ditch and the other.


drops public relations in an hour long code micro-blog explained, worthy of praise, but the word is somewhat more notice. After all, the announcement has been recognized in advance of the work of the designers of India, there are alternatives, but still did not communicate with each other in advance. However, we are not good. After all is calm drops admits, PR, you do.

2, did not expect the boys not to be bullied "Youku

event playback:

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