Central bank legislative regulations third party payment is limited users will bid farewell to the e

central bank regulation third party payment is limited: users will bid farewell to the era of free transfer

TechWeb August 2nd report text / Wang Xin

central bank issued a non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach (Draft), sparked widespread controversy. The file is not only confined to the third party transfers between accounts and accounts receivable amount of bank card account, but also improve the third party payment account account threshold.

can not be transferred to other bank cards: Farewell free era

users: go to the bank to pay the transfer fee


document pointed out that the payment institution for bank account to account transfer payment for customers, out of account shall be limited to the payment account name bank debit account; payment account to the bank debit account transfer handling, transferred to the account shall be limited to the customer designated one of my namesake bank debit account.

therefore, if in strict accordance with the regulations, then Alipay and WeChat and other payment platform to others bank account transfer is an indisputable fact, and in the past, users can go to the bank or the use of online banking remittance. However, it should be noted that inter bank transfers are required to charge a fee.

data show that the annual agricultural bank card transfer service fee income of more than 2 billion, according to this calculation, Alipay and other online payment platform to free transfer to the bank card, the bank only in this area can increase revenue of billions.

experts believe that the central bank should release the payment account to debit bank card transfer service, and promote the development of the market clearing through clearing gradually standardized, market-oriented way to guide and adjust the current contradiction.

The history of the highest

account threshold could not prove that: "you are your" everything is empty

documents pointed out that the payment agency to open an account, if it is a consumer account, the need for three institutions to authenticate users. If it is a comprehensive account of financial management, transfer function, you need five agencies to verify.

is the current mainstream Payment institutions, such as Alipay, WeChat and other payment completely reach the provisions of the central bank, insiders said, "the provisions of non bank payment institutions, is an almost impossible task."

in accordance with the central bank explained that the specific verification channels including but not limited to the operation of public security, education, taxation and other departments and commercial banks, credit institutions and other units, can effectively verify the identity of customers basic information database or system.

is currently taking Alipay, WeChat’s authentication, users upload identity cards, Payment institutions by the public security network check, to verify the identity of the user; bind the bank card, the bank card is real name system, so check the bank card information can also be proof of identity.

such as Alipay and WeChat to pay is above two channels by verification. >

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